2011-07-13 [Tweets]

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  1. @aLoggers Plz allow edit log from screen of pie. In each time a separator page,plz save the state "Show pie" and "Display not log time".Thx.
  2. @aLoggers Please let the bar to the left of the screen displays the log list. As the http://t.co/osY4QRf . Thanks.
  3. @aLoggers Oh, your view also looks good. If you tap each log, allow edit the log is even better. Is this a view of the implementation plan?
  4. @aLoggers I am looking forward to the update.
  5. @aLoggers Bug?: In the screen lists the log, slide your finger to the right and tap the delete button and delete log, but not reflected.
  6. @aLoggers However, if the details input screen, tap the Delete button will be reflected immediately.
  7. @aLoggers I found the cause of the bug. When the bug occurs when you disable the warning removed in the deletion log.
  8. AnkiDroid\n AnkiDroid-0.7beta8.apk (1.3 MB)\n: AnkiDroid 0.7 beta8 Download http://bit.ly/ohWOBt
  9. shigotanoハッシュタグが日本語OKに!前後に半角スペースか句読点を入れる→"#jishin →#地震、#setsuden→#節電、#coolbiz→#クールビズ"|Twitterブログ: #日本語ハッシュタグ http://t.co/Kgewb4f
  10. AndroidestX7月13日より携帯キャリア間SMSスタート。携帯アドレスいらなくなる時代キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! http://dlvr.it/Zy5TQ
  11. Evernote for Androidでリッチテキスト編集機能キターーー。でも文字色指定がないorz/まったく新しいタブレットインターフェース、リッチテキストノート作成が可能に « Evernote日本語版ブログ - http://is.gd/sp72wT
  12. @netashare こんにちは。NetaShareは今後、ウィジェット機能を実装する予定はありますでしょうか?

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